AfRRA has the vision to

become a worldwide organisation that deal with Regreening small scale farmer Agriculture Landscape in the developing world by integrating tree component to crop and animal production in a very innovative way that promote a rather regenerative and Climate Change Resilient Agriculture for the better of the planet and its population.

Our Mission is

To design and promote agroforestry systems that contribute to control soil erosion (hedge rows on contour lines), to increase soil organic matter and other nutrients (carbon sequestration through minimum soil tillage, mulching, cover crops and improved fallow), to favour soil microbial activity (mulch as food of soil micro-organisms and crop diversification as an integrated crop pest management), to increase soil nutrient (Nitrogen fixing trees and biomass mineralisation) and water use efficiency (soil organic and microbial water holding capacity), to reduce the risk of crop failure due the effects of climate change, to increase crop and livestock productivity, to improve human nutrition and finally contribute to reduce hunger and poverty and contribute to the household welfare.

Our Approach

AfRRA is a learning and result-oriented organisation at landscape/catchment scale. It uses participatory/Co-design, multidisciplinary/transdisciplinary and holistic approaches to understand the production step of a food system and its interaction with the environment drivers of the later.

Scope of work

AfRRA will use the cutting-edge knowledge and principles of these scientific disciplines without being limited by scientific disciplines boundaries to innovate and create impact.

Soils and landscape

Plant Nutrition


Conservation agriculture

Above & underground biodiversity

Crop-livestock integration

Supprementary irrigation

Clean energy for food system and socio economy

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